New Music Mailer Shipping out this September

Winton-Stahle Photography has a NEW music / entertainment mailer shipping out to record labels this September and we're very excited to announce that soon we will be updating our website and launching a brand new portfolio for "Music"

On the front of this new 5x7" mailer we're featuring a new image from a marketing series we're working on for Boston based hip hop artist, Jihad Scudder of K.R.A.S.H. Entertainment. On the back are three previously commissioned images. The first is of Chad Hugo of the "Neptunes" and "N.E.R.D." that was made for an article featured in Revolver Magazine. The second is marketing image made for rockband "GWAR", and the third is Randy Blythe, lead vocalist for "Lamb of God".

We will also be launching a new portfolio for "dance and movement". These two new subjects will become new specialized fields of focus that we'll be pursuing and we're very excited to be finding our calling, our people in the industry and our pursuit of this specialized work.

Look for more to come soon!

(Here's a glimpse of our NEW home page coming in September 2011.)

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