Recent Projects

January turned out to be a really productive month despite the usual trend of having a totally dead month. It started off with a great shoot with Chad Hugo for Scratch Magazine. Chad was such a nice guy. Our shoot with him was a complete success and we were finished with enough time to just hang out with the folks there at Chad's studio and have a few shots of tequila to finish off the night. Check out the new issue of Scratch Magazine to see this feature article!

The next week we were out in the country in a large cornfield, which had been mowed down for the winter, photographing a man to look like a farmer to be place on a billboard for the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. This was, of course, one of those shoots that you get the model through make up and wardrobe, our crew gets the shot set up and ready to go, and then everyone has to wait in the freezing cold for that perfect moment to present itself when the sun is at just the right point and the sky looks just right. Of course, what always happens in these situations is that the moment presents itself and everyone runs like crazy, working to get through the shots before the sun sets and we lose our sweet light for the day. It's Always a little stressful and quite the rush but these are the kind of shoots that make this really fun and interesting. God, I love this job!

We worked with Frankl Creative in shooting an ad campaign for the Better Business Bureau of Virginia, which also turned out to be a really fun two days of production and photography. I always say that any shoot that involves a smoke machine is going to be a fun one! On this particular job I was able to use the smoke machine on two of our three sets so I was really quite happy about that! We had a great crew and a wonderful cast of talent. I'd like to thank the three little kids that stood in the background for our broken down car photo. These kids were such troopers! It was so cold that evening and we just kept shooting because we were losing our light. Finally when they were about to cry because they were so cold we really started to get some great shots. I'm sorry guys that I kept you out there for so long but It was all for the sake of the art. Besides, no one lost any fingers due to frost bite so it was a good day! What an awesome crew we had for the Better Business Bureau campaign!

We also started on a new year of photographing products to be placed on packaging for Rubbermaid Commercial Products. So, you'll be happy to know that you can find samples of our beautiful photography on most any mop, broom, sponge, or household cleaner package at any Wal-Mart or Lowes in America! We love these guys because they really take care of us and I'd, personal, like to give a big shout out to our agency on this account, "you know who you are" for being such a great client and helping to take care of us in 2006.

Ad campaign photographs for the B.B.B. (Designs by Frankl Creative)

You've just gotta love GWAR!

Winton-Stahle Photography shoots GWAR's latest album cover "Beyond Hell"

This post is coming a little late however since we just launched our blog around the middle of January then I suppose that it's better late than never. Last June after photographing GWAR for Revolver Magazine we really hit it off with the guys from the band and began to build a business relationship with them. About a month later we were contacted by them to shoot the cover for their new album, "Beyond Hell", which was released in the fall. One of the many things that I love about this job is that I always get to meet such a diverse group of people. For example, the day that we met with GWAR to discuss their new CD album we also had a meeting with an architectural firm to discuss shooting one of their new high rises in South Florida. Heidi and I went to the first meeting dressed in our finest clothes with all of our "T's" crossed and "i" dotted. We all sat around a conference table and discussed the project in more detail, making decisions about the job. Immediately afterwards we went down to GWAR's studio, stopping briefly to change into more casual clothes for this second meeting of the day and we went through the same type of ritual of sitting down around a conference table with our client, GWAR, to discuss the direction of the project. The only difference was at this meeting there were severed corpes heads and little dead babies, FAKE OF COURSE, laying on the conference table.