"Our Time. Right Now." Advertising Campaign

We're very excited to currently have a veriety of billboards appearing all over Central Virginia as part of Virginia Commonwealth University's, "Our Time. Right Now." advertising campaign. As this project of creating 9 different photo-illustrated ads comes to a close we find ourselves feeling very honored to have been a small part in this historical moment for this Virginia University. We mostly feel honored because the majority of our production team are alumni of VCU and to be a part of this project held a very special place in our hearts. It's been such an amazing opportunity to be a part of this and we congratulate VCU for all of their amazing achievements! Thank you!

Go VCU Rams!

It's Official! A New Brand & Website!

In celebration of the release of our company's new website we'll be showcasing one image each week from our portfolios and saying a little something about it. So here it goes! - "Entertainment Portfolio # 3" - One of many new images we did in 2011 for Boston based hiphop artist Jihad Scudder's new album release and marketing campaign. Scudder and his crew were a blast to work with and, as always, it was fun to collaborate with such a talented artist. *WORDS OF WISDOM - Don't use a fog machine in a studio interior for extended periods of time because it'll leave a funky oily residue on everything! Yuck!

Makes for great photographs though!

Check out our NEW website at www.winton-stahle.com for more of our BRAND NEW work.

Coming soon...

There's a brand new look for the Winton-Stahle Website just around the corner! Thanks to excellent consultation and re-branding assistance from Amanda Sosa Stone, the fine folks at Agency Access and Scott Werley, we will be launching a totally new look for our new website this spring! The next step? A national marketing campaign with Agency Access - Campaign Manager Pro. Exciting times for our little company!

Stay Tuned for more!