ASMP "Strictly Business"

Honored to announce that I've been added as a contributing writer for "Strictly Business", a blog by the American Society of Media Photographers. New articles releasing soon. Stay tuned-much more to come!

Happy Halloween! Behind-the-scenes with GWAR from a shoot for Revolver Magazine awhile back. The scariest image I have in my archive. They were all great guys though in person! Fun memories at a Fun photo shoot!

Full tank of gas, hand full of cards and a portfolio...

Leaving for the Big Apple this week with a full tank of gas, a few changes of clothes, my brand new portfolio and a hand full of cards in my pocket. If asked, "what do I hope to accomplish by doing this?" My response will be simply, "to know in my years to come that at this moment of my life I found strength within and I made the effort to do it". More often than not, finding the strength and confidence within can be the most difficult part of expanding beyond your comfort zone as an artist. However, this is a business where big risks warrant big rewards. I will not know immediately the value of this trip but already I know that it will be a great learning opportunity and I will come back stronger as a professional and an individual... 

A video of my new portfolio can be viewed here: 

ASMP - Evolution / Revolution

Looking forward to participating in ASMP's inaugural "Evolution / Revolution" live webinar series tomorrow (Oct 8th, 2013) with guests Richard Kelly, Michelle Dunn Marsh and Esquire Photo Director, Michael Norseng. You may find more info or sign up for a live audio feed here: . See you there!