Osage Cottage Website Goes Live.

We worked with Morgan Porter Design Group this summer to create images for Osage Cottage's new website and marketing materials. Osage Cottage is a very sweet little get-a-way rental near fredericksburg, Virginia that I would highly recommend visiting for a weekend if you're in need of a little peace and quiet. Melinda, the owner of the company, is quite possibly the sweetest lady that you'll ever meet and I guarantee that your stay there would be pleasant.

You can check out their website here for more info!

This image was made in the early morning looking down the road from Osage Cottage.

Now Available Online!

The Shutterbug Magazine Article, "New Sales Strategies with Social Media", featuring myself, Chase Jarvis, Margo Pinkerton and John Mutrux, is now available for viewing online! Click here to read.

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Featured in Shutterbug Magazine!

If you have the opportunity to pick up the October issue of Shutterbug Magazine (released in stores September 9, 2009), there is a great article on pages 44-54 on "New Sales Strategies with Social Media". I'm excited to announce I was interviewed for this article along with 3 other incredible photographers. Chase Jarvis , Margo Pinkerton and John Mutrux. It's a well written article with honest answers, unique ideas for marketing, and a wealth of knowledge that can translate into most any business, especially for those that are self-employed.

The magazine ran quite a bit of my interview and also features four of my photographs as well as a few photos by Chase Jarvis.

The article is available in stores now and will be released online in mid October. I will post a link to it then and have it available on my website, blog, facebook, and twitter so stay tuned!

Please feel free to pass the word along!

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A week in Saratoga Springs, NY with ballet dancers.

This past week we were in in Saratoga Springs, New York doing photography for Sun King Dance Company. The following images are a few production stills as well as some of the final shots of a whole lotta photos at the National Museum of Dance .

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Dushi Toy Company Product Shoot

This was one of several final shots for a cool product shoot for Dushi Toy Company.

Our little setup for the Dushi Toy Company shoot.

Patrick Bozeman (LeadFoot Designs) is tinkering with the product trying to figure out how we want to position it in the composite.

Yup, that's me behind the camera.

LeadFoot Designs and Winton-Stahle Photography created two images to capture the fun and energy of characters from “Dushi Go with Flow” for their creator Anneke Groenendaal. In these images the characters “Dunk” the duck and “Rabbit” the frog are enjoying a beautiful summer day together after a long trip to the states from the Netherlands.”

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Apparently, it appears that when the parents are away the cats will play. I'm going to give our new kitten, Simone, an "A" for effort for at least trying to learn to use the T.P..

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A Summer Island Get-A-Way

For the past two years we've been invited by a group of close friends & colleagues to join them for a week on a very small private island near the eastern shore of Virginia. There are no roads to this island nor are there roads on it. To get there you have to take a small motor boat out to it and once you are there.... Well...you're just there to stay for a while. The only manmade structure on the island is one small beach house in which we all stay. The only sounds that can be heard are those of birds and the soft sound of the ocean. When we're there we always feel like we've traveled back in time and are seeing a small glimpse of what the world must have looked like before people came along. This is one of my favorite places to be and is a representation of absolute harmony and perfection. I hope that you enjoy the view.

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Charles City Library Website Goes Live!

The website promoting the Charles City Library Campaign has been officially launched! All photography featured on the site was shot on location by Winton-Stahle Photography. For those of you who haven't been following us (get the full scoop here), the Charles City Library Campaign is a community effort to provide a library for the only county in Virginia without a public library.
Please take the time to support the wonderful cause, and of course check out the delightful photographs, at www.charlescitylibrary.org

June Photography

Link We've been out and about this month, keeping busy behind the camera! Check out Allie: She's getting ready to head to Florida and needed new images for her portfolio. We approached her head shots with a little extra creativity. It's great as a photographer to be able work as expressively as we do here at Winton-Stahle Photography. Be sure to check back soon for more updates; there's plenty of exciting work to come!

Book Release & VPLC 30th Anniversary: "Through Different Eyes: The Faces of Poverty in Virginia"

On the evening of May 28th, The Virginia Poverty Law Center will release an anniversary publication featuring the photography of Christopher Winton-Stahle's photographic series "The Folk of the Blue Ridge" in a coffee table style book titled "Through Different Eyes: The Faces of Poverty in Virginia". The publication is a compilation of many of the pieces that were featured in the original exhibit "Through Different Eyes: The Faces of Poverty in Virginia"that has been on tour with the Virginia Museum of Fine Art since 2006 and includes the work of Christopher Winton-Stahle, Susi Lawson, Scott Neville, and Scott Elmquist..

The Virginia Poverty Law Center (VPLC), an organization based in Richmond dedicated to advocating on behalf of low-income residents of the Commonwealth, will celebrate more than 30 years of dedicated service to Virginians at a reception at 6:30 p.m. on May 28, 2009 at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Governor of the Commonwealth Timothy M. Kaine will speak at the event as will First Lady of the Commonwealth, Anne Holton, who will honor Jill A. Hanken, who has been an attorney with VPLC since its creation and Jack L. Harris, VPLC's first executive director. Jeffrey W. Allison, Curator of the exhibit and the Paul Mellon Collections at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, will also speak at the event.

Here's a little bit about the "Folk of the Blue Ridge" - a series by Christopher Winton-Stahle

The American heritage of the farming community is quickly disappearing and in its wake many folks in Southwestern Virginia struggle to support their families and carry on their way of life. Commercial Photographer, Christopher Winton-Stahle was raised in Carroll County, one of the poorest counties in the southwestern region of Virginia. In 2004 he began a personal photographic documentary about his family and the people of his hometown. What began as a personal journey for him to understand his own life there has grown into a cultural documentary of this small farming community and the beauty of both its people and their culture.

"As a native of this community, I have come to know nearly all the folks there. They nurture a strong faith that God will carry them through the hard times of life and that their family will be there for them when they slip and fall. They take care of their own and have few wants and needs beyond what God, their family, and the land can provide for them. This body of work has always been about the great strength and pride of these people. They are the working class poor of rural America. Their strong devotion to family, the importance of their faith in God, tradition, interdependence, and their connection to the land is engrained into their way of life and is representative of who they are. Monetarily they do not have much however, from what I have seen having been raised there, they know of wealth that transcends that of modern ideas of what wealth actually means. They are the "Folk of the Blue Ridge" and I am proud to say that I am a part of them."

*Christopher Winton-Stahle

Campaign "A New Library for Charles City County."

One of the greatest joys that I have as a photographer is to be a part of a project such as this that truly does make a difference in people's lives in the end. This is an ongoing campaign done for Charles City County for the purpose of raising the necessary funds needed to build a library for its residents. From the books and furniture to the residents eager to learn, Charles City County has everything that it needs for a fully functioning library except for a building to call home. It's up to us all to help them to make that happen.

We arrived at the location at around 6:30am and by 7 the sun was coming up. Despite our first scheduled photo I felt that the light was just too perfect to pass up the opportunity to get our hero shot that was actually scheduled for the end of the day instead of the beginning. Turns out it was a good call. This was our cover shot for the campaign's book.

The idea was to present a visual representation, with a somewhat surreal and playful twist, of what the Charles City County Library would look like without a building to house it.

We wanted to create real scenarios with spontaneity that could easily take place in this proposed library and show our viewers what that might look like without the necessary monetary contributions.

Every great library has storytime for the kids. This one was no exception. In all honesty, the more I look at this shot the more I wish I could have experienced storytime in the middle of a field in kindergarden.

We did eight portraits such as this one of different residents of the area that would be directly impacted by a library. They were all asked to write down a couple of sentences about "what a library in Charles City County" would mean to them.

Here are a few "behind the scenes" shots of our production for the Charles City County Library Campaign.

This Campaign was conceived and art directed by Morgan Porter