Product Catalog for a National Polymer Company

Since the opening of our studio in 2007 we have been shooting much more catalog photography for companies directly and/or through advertising agencies or design firms. In September we had a great project shooting very large chemical storage tanks and product accessory for a 2009-10 company catalog. These tanks were between 15 and 30 feet tall and were quite tricky to photograph. In addition to there size the tanks had many surface imperfections that could be clearly seen in a photograph that made them very tricky to photograph. To efficiently create images worthy of a catalog it required a combination of shooting multiple images and merging them together and then using some pretty heavy graphic design techniques to graphically recreate many features of these products. Here are a few samples of the final images as well as a few production stills from our location shoot at the factory.

September 2008: Housetrends Cover and Feature

In September 2008 we photographed the cover and feature for Housetrends Magazine. This was an article about "Green Living" at Rocket's Landing which is one of Richmond, Virginia's newest luxury communities. This home was entirely propped by Crate & Barrel and we worked with a wonderful interior designer that really came through for us in putting the right furniture and props together.

August 2008: Feature for Housetrends Magazine

In August 2008 we had a nice 3 page article published in Housetrends Magazine that featured a very talented artist named Wayne Cain that specializes in stain glass design for upscale homes and businesses. Wayne had the greatest little studio nestled in the country about an hour outside of Richmond, Virginia that he and his assistant, Nancy, work from making stain glass windows using 19th and early 20th century processes. We were very grateful for their hospitality and enjoyed spending the our day with them shooting this article.

The Beauty of Simplicity

I grew up in a modest little farming town in South Western, Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is and has always been a place that I feel I will always hold close and dear to my heart. This past weekend I visited with my mother whom still lives there and was able to take this opportunity to get out and take a few pictures for myself for a change. Something that I have always loved doing when I am there is getting up around 5am and walking along the old country dirt roads that border the parkway and finding people and scenes that inspire me. This particular house with its majestic view and quaint little cat curled up on the front porch reminded me of how important it is to take the time once in awhile to step back and evaluate what is truly important in life as well as the importance of stopping sometimes to just enjoy the beauty of simplicity.