Happy Holidays !

We have recently concluded that it's best to not bake festive treats from bags with obscure labels... May magic and surprise abound this special day! Happy Holidays from the Winton-Stahle Team!

The Latest Cover for Boomer Magazine

Here's the newest cover for "Boomer Magazine" by Winton-Stahle Photography. A complete photo-composite created from 10 separate studio images of the ladies and gentlemen featured in the article. This image was created to showcase the magazine's annual "IT" list, which features the top 10 people in Richmond, voted by the public, as being the movers & shakers of the community that are truly making a difference.

Very special thanks to all of those involved, to our fabulous team and to the Boomer Mag crew!

The full article may be viewed online here .

Here are a few images from the feature article.

All good things must come to an end.

We're picking up TWO CRATES of photography from Christopher Winton-Stahle's exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond, VA tomorrow! This is the "China Now" exhibit that has been touring Virginia since 2006! It's been a long run and five fabulous years of life for this show out on the road but all good things must come to an end. HOWEVER, we're working on booking the show as early as Spring 2012 and have interested galleries and museums in Virginia, North Carolina and Texas! It'll be very exciting to see what happens! We'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, we'll have two large crates of 30 large photographs sitting in our office floor...

Fun New Images by US!

December 2011 : Some very fun new images we made for an article featured in the latest issue of Boomer Magazine that's all about the nature of "men" and the art of male bonding. Check it out at http://tinyurl.com/735w5df