A Summer Island Get-A-Way

For the past two years we've been invited by a group of close friends & colleagues to join them for a week on a very small private island near the eastern shore of Virginia. There are no roads to this island nor are there roads on it. To get there you have to take a small motor boat out to it and once you are there.... Well...you're just there to stay for a while. The only manmade structure on the island is one small beach house in which we all stay. The only sounds that can be heard are those of birds and the soft sound of the ocean. When we're there we always feel like we've traveled back in time and are seeing a small glimpse of what the world must have looked like before people came along. This is one of my favorite places to be and is a representation of absolute harmony and perfection. I hope that you enjoy the view.

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Charles City Library Website Goes Live!

The website promoting the Charles City Library Campaign has been officially launched! All photography featured on the site was shot on location by Winton-Stahle Photography. For those of you who haven't been following us (get the full scoop here), the Charles City Library Campaign is a community effort to provide a library for the only county in Virginia without a public library.
Please take the time to support the wonderful cause, and of course check out the delightful photographs, at www.charlescitylibrary.org