Happy Holidays !

We have recently concluded that it's best to not bake festive treats from bags with obscure labels... May magic and surprise abound this special day! Happy Holidays from the Winton-Stahle Team!

The Latest Cover for Boomer Magazine

Here's the newest cover for "Boomer Magazine" by Winton-Stahle Photography. A complete photo-composite created from 10 separate studio images of the ladies and gentlemen featured in the article. This image was created to showcase the magazine's annual "IT" list, which features the top 10 people in Richmond, voted by the public, as being the movers & shakers of the community that are truly making a difference.

Very special thanks to all of those involved, to our fabulous team and to the Boomer Mag crew!

The full article may be viewed online here .

Here are a few images from the feature article.

All good things must come to an end.

We're picking up TWO CRATES of photography from Christopher Winton-Stahle's exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond, VA tomorrow! This is the "China Now" exhibit that has been touring Virginia since 2006! It's been a long run and five fabulous years of life for this show out on the road but all good things must come to an end. HOWEVER, we're working on booking the show as early as Spring 2012 and have interested galleries and museums in Virginia, North Carolina and Texas! It'll be very exciting to see what happens! We'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, we'll have two large crates of 30 large photographs sitting in our office floor...

Fun New Images by US!

December 2011 : Some very fun new images we made for an article featured in the latest issue of Boomer Magazine that's all about the nature of "men" and the art of male bonding. Check it out at http://tinyurl.com/735w5df

Behind the scenes on a new campaign.

Here's a few clips from behind the scenes on a shoot for a new advertising campaign that will be released very soon and can be seen on billboards in Central Virginia. More details in the weeks to come! Stay tuned!

Farewell to a Respected Richmond Rocker.

We were sad to hear that lead guitarist of Gwar, “Cory Smoot (Flattus Maximus)” passed away yesterday while on tour with the band. Our company has worked with Gwar several times over the last few years on various music projects and in each of those occasions it has been a true gift to be a part of their creative process and life passion. They are a fantastic group of guys that we admire for doing their own thing and living out their dream. Though our experiences with Cory have been limited to the handful of times we've worked with the band, we are still saddened that the music industry has lost a talented artist and that Richmond, Virginia has lost one of its most respected rockers. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the band, friends, family and fans of Gwar during this difficult time. We will have very fond memories of Cory and of the wonderful energy he brought to our photo shoots.

Happy Scary Day !

In this new holiday photo we have an"Exclusive Sneak Peak" into a therapy session for troubled and otherwise misunderstood icons of horror,terror and fear." Truth is folks, things are just never quite the way we're made to believe they are... Like so many others, these guys are working through their own problems and need a shoulder to cry on from time to time. This Halloween, lets say a little prayer for all the ghouls in need...

Happy Halloween from Winton-Stahle Photography !

New Cover for Boomer Magazine

Completely stoked about our latest cover with Boomer magazine. The first editorial publication for us where we've combined "traditional" illustration with our photography. A very positive step in the "photo-illustration" direction of which we want to go. Special thanks to Scott Harris for collaborating on this. You rock, my friend!

To read the article online click here .

What a Trip...

1,684 miles traveled by car, 7 states, 1 hurricane, a little flooding, a little rescheduling, 42 beautiful dancers, a bit of hot fashion, a near miss with Elton John, a delightfully unexpected family reunion, beautiful scenery through the Appalachian Mountains, one amazing wedding, a smorgasbord of incredible friends & family, several epic conversations regarding the universal law of attraction and a few delightfully satisfied clients. One overwhelming conclusion that LIFE IS GOOD... Yes my friends, the last two weeks have been quite an amazing trip! Thank you to all that have been involved! You know who you are. Love all you guys!

Heading off to New York soon.

Looking forward to leaving for a week in Saratoga Springs, NY to hang with and photograph all the lovely dancers! I must say, I really do enjoy working with them! There's just something about the energy, the honesty and the raw emotion of experiencing a performance this closely. When I'm connected to a dancer behind the camera I feel their energy, I follow their movement and I dance along with them. It almost becomes a spiritual experience for me and each shoot becomes a special moment shared between myself and that dancer. Here's a new image that will be featured in my dance collection coming soon. Excited to be doing more of this!

- Christopher Winton-Stahle

New Music Mailer Shipping out this September

Winton-Stahle Photography has a NEW music / entertainment mailer shipping out to record labels this September and we're very excited to announce that soon we will be updating our website and launching a brand new portfolio for "Music"

On the front of this new 5x7" mailer we're featuring a new image from a marketing series we're working on for Boston based hip hop artist, Jihad Scudder of K.R.A.S.H. Entertainment. On the back are three previously commissioned images. The first is of Chad Hugo of the "Neptunes" and "N.E.R.D." that was made for an article featured in Revolver Magazine. The second is marketing image made for rockband "GWAR", and the third is Randy Blythe, lead vocalist for "Lamb of God".

We will also be launching a new portfolio for "dance and movement". These two new subjects will become new specialized fields of focus that we'll be pursuing and we're very excited to be finding our calling, our people in the industry and our pursuit of this specialized work.

Look for more to come soon!

(Here's a glimpse of our NEW home page coming in September 2011.)

Fall Fashion Feature in Boomer Magazine

Boomer Magazine just released an 8 page Fall Fashion Feature in their latest issue created by Winton-Stahle Photography with Antoinette Essa, Kat Simons, Lisa Schaffner and more. Check it out online or, better yet, go pick up the magazine! It's a beautiful feature. Our team had a fantastic time working with Boomer Magazine and all of the wonderful talent involved in this project. Thank you all for being awesome!

You may read this article online here.

Revealed! Behind the scenes of post-production.

It's sometimes a mystery what happens between the time of shooting images for a photo-composite and the final product that is created. See a little bit here of what happens between the time after I make a set of images for a project and deliver a final image...

Here's the final image as it was delivered.

Boomer Magazine's 2011 Summer Guide

June / July Cover for Boomer Magazine by yours truly with styling by Heidi W-S. With the help of a great team of creative Guerrilla Warriors we made this an outstanding cover despite an evening of gusting winds, an immanent storm, and mobs curious, chatty, ice cream hungry locals.

New Spring Promotional Campaign

This spring we're launching a new Promotional Campaign that is exhibiting some of the latest style of work we've been creating. It started going out today! The new "Smoke & Mirrors" series is concepted and designed by the Derek Machado at Five19 Creative in Richmond, Virginia and new photography has been designed for the campaign by us. Very exciting.

Check out more of our work at www.winton-stahle.com

Winner of an AIGA GRADE 6 Award

April 2011 has become the month of winning awards!!! We just found out that we've won an AIGA GRADE 6 Award with Morgan Porter Design for a branding campaign we worked on for a Charles City County Library Campaign which involved booklets, brochures and website. Check out the winning website by clicking here . Very Exciting!

Special Thanks To :

Creative Director / Designer - Morgan Porter Design

Winner of a Gold Remi Award @ WorldFest Houston Film Festival

I was notified this past Monday that I'll be sharing a 2011 Gold Remi Award in the 44th Annual WorldFest - Houston International Film/Video Festival (http://www.worldfest.org) with my friend & colleague, producer/director, Bruce Berryhill. This award is being received for our new self-promotional video we collaboratively produced last year and released this January. Also involved in helping to make this video possible are producer Jordan Rodericks, Cinematographer Alexander Germanotta, Heidi Winton-Stahle and the our fabulous team that have all helped us along the way. Thank you all!

You may view this video on the homepage of my website HERE .

It's also available on YouTube HERE .

Special Thanks To !

Executive Producer - Heidi Winton-Stahle

Co-Designer / Editor - Bruce Berryhill

Producer - Jordan Rodericks

Video Provided by - Alex Germanotta

Hair / Make Up - Phillip Krane Bernier

Talent Provided by - Liquid Talent Group

Clothing Designed by - Lili Forrest

Locations - Karen Molzhon

1st Assistant - Jenny McQueen

2nd Assistant - Hassan Pitts

Talent - Katrina Laluna

Talent - Ami Burke

Talent - Josephe Mann

Talent - Dane Jordan

"If You Build It, Will They Come?"

I recently had the opportunity to shoot the photography for a feature article that appears in the April issue of The Boomer Magazine. The article is all about the new, highly anticipated, $100 million dollar SportsQuest facility that is being built in Chesterfield, Virginia near our state's capital.

[Dr. Stephen Burton, SportsQuest Chairman and company CEO is overcoming many obstacles and fulfilling his dreams by building this new state-of-the-art facility. After 30 years, he has returned to his original career plan, though along the way it has become much bigger than likely even he could have dreamed, let alone everyone else. “When I started college at William & Mary, I wanted to be an urban planner,” he said. “Didn’t happen right away, so with SportsQuest I have come full circle. I’m an urban planner.”]

Read the rest of this article at www.theboomermagazine.com

The Importance of Staying Creative.

Someone asked me recently whether or not I still do a lot of personal work to stay creative and just have fun with photography and art. My answer was, “Well of course, with a great big "YES" and an enthusiastic smile! I love visual art! Whether it’s painting, sculpture, performance art, film or photography, I am greatly inspired by it all. I am so very fortunate to be doing something that I love to do! Whether it's shooting simple products on a white background for a catalog or making images of political figures for a magazine, I'm living my dream of being a professional artist!

Being an artist means that you are constantly exercising your mind, evolving your style, and exploring new techniques and ideas. This is just part of the job! However, one of the biggest hurdles I’ve experienced as a commercial artist, “I think” is that I have been known to be "too creative” at times. I've learned over time how important understanding the difference between a "fine art" image and a beautifully executed image that effectively "sells a product" is in my world of business. I am also learning how to effectively balance these two worlds and make them work well for me.

The truth that I've found is that most art buyers love to see beautifully executed "art" images with GREAT concepts but the question always arises, "How can I sell what this person is doing?". An artist's creative mind is the unique trait that sets them apart from everyone else in the business. As an artist, I have an overwhelming need to "create" but not always to "sell". It's been tricky to figure this out. But overall, I think I've learned to just focus on making great imagery in my personal time, continue to grow as an artist, and to keep in mind the importance of creating thought evoking imagery that challenges the mind and keeps the viewer thinking. A very wise person once told me to, “Shoot what you love and then focus on finding the market for it!”. I’m sticking with that approached! Of course it never hurts to keep it simple, clean and design friendly so that other creative minds working in print publications might find themselves saying, "hey, I can see myself running copy around that!"

Featured above is one such image that is derived from a personal body of work I’ve been playing around with on coastal landscapes. Of course my personal landscapes are often influenced by my twisted imagination. Hope you enjoy!

NEW! Winton-Stahle Promotional Reel

Finally done with the NEW promotional video for Winton-Stahle Photography and I'm officially putting this project to rest! Many hours of work and the assistance of some great talent has been devoted to helping make this video possible. This new promotional reel has been officially added to the homepage of my website. It will also be included as part of our new promotional materials and trade shows.

A very special "THANK YOU" to the following people for helping to pull this all together.

Executive Producer - Heidi Winton-Stahle
Co-Designer / Editor - Bruce Berryhill
Producer - Jordan Rodericks
Video Provided by - Alex Germanotta
Hair / Make Up - Phillip Krane Bernier
Talent Provided by - Liquid Talent Group
Clothing Designed by - Lili Forrest
1st Assistant - Jenny McQueen
2nd Assistant - Hassan Pitts

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year! There's no better time than the present to create new possibilities for our future and we here at Winton-Stahle Photography feel that there's a lot to be excited about in the upcoming year! We are gearing up for the debut of a brand new portfolio, a new series of promotional mailers, and a new promotional video. We're looking forward to a great year in 2011! So stay tuned!

We are very thankful for all of our loyal clients for their continued support and look forward to building strong relationships in the future. Happy New Year to all of our friends and colleagues! May 2011 be blessed with peace, happiness and prosperity...