Following Dreams & Breaking Molds.

I feel grateful today. I am surrounded by incredibly talented people. Together, we are moving towards the same amazing goals of success, happiness, and fulfillment for everyone on our team. My wife and I have put our dream out there, and one by one, people have come who share in that dream. Momentum is building and I feel grateful.

From time to time, encounters with people can leave me jaded. Negativity is easy to find, and I’m certainly not above it. I recognize that tendency in myself and that I must actively focus on what I want to create. So here it goes, what I want to create is beautiful, passionate, epic work with people who also feel this is important. I want to create a family that is healthy, vibrant and invested in life. I want to create a space where talent can learn and thrive among us. I want to give back by paying forward the huge gifts that were given to me by my mentors and friends. I want to shift the paradigm, break the mold and blow up antiquated ideas. That’s what artists do. This is who I am. As Steve Jobs once said, "I want to put a ding in the universe.” I believe that we can.

Incorporating CGI into Still Imagery.

Thinking outside of the box with a new "ASMP Strictly Business" Article! Several ways that CGI has empowered me as an artist to creatively meet the needs of clients and to explore new possibilities with personal work. Check it out!