Image of the Week!

#3 from the "Advertising" portfolio of the brand new website ( ) . This image was made as part of a series for an article for Richmond's "Boomer" Magazine. The article was about friendship between men and had a very fun, whimsical approach to it. We had a great time with this shoot because it really did consist of a bunch of men just hanging out for the day, "crew included" and just acting like a crazy bunch of goofy guys that couldn't take themselves too seriously. Didn't feel like work at all!  

Image of the week

#12 from Christopher's "Personal" portfolio of our brand new website ( . This is the kind of photography / photo-composite work that Chris loves to do for fun in his spare time. "It just feeds the creative soul and makes me smile" , says C_W-S.

Tri-Fold Album Cover for Singer / Song-writer, Eileen Edmonds

IMAGE OF THE WEEK! Pic # 8 on the advertising section of our NEW website at This complex composite was designed for singer / song-writer Eileen Edmonds' new album cover and release promo. The entire image was designed for a three-piece tri-fold cover and was created from a collection of 9 different photographs and a wee bit of CGI help where needed. Special thanks to Eileen Edmonds, to Jeff Glotzl for his CGI work on this image, and to our great team for their fantastic work on this! You guy's are awesome!

Check out some of Eileen's very groovy music at and please don't forget to follow her on Facebook!