Stopping to smell the Roses...

I've spent my entire day driving along the east coast with Heidi on our way back from Saratoga Springs, NY... Albany, NYC, Philadelphia , and Baltimore... What sites these are... Cities with so much life and vast amounts of opportunity. We casually decided early this morning to "stop and smell the roses" by leisurely taking alternate routes through these cities as well as briefly passing through some smaller towns that we'd never thought of passing through just to see what was there. We were pleasantly lost at times without any certain idea of where we were exactly. How exciting that's been! In doing this I'm reminded today of how much of my life I've not yet experienced, what opportunities I have to look forward to, and of all the wonderful people I've not yet met. There's just nothing more awakening than a good road trip and there's nothing more gratifying than remembering that outside of my own little box there's always a world of infinate opportunity that awaits me. I just felt that this was a pretty good thought to share...

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to take time to stop and smell the roses !!! - Sunday March 14, 2010

Cavalier Telephone - "Rate Creep"


This is one of two stop-motion television spots for Cavalier Telephone that we produced all of still photography for. We worked with the fabulous BES Television in Richmond of whom did all of the final editing and broadcast work. Master of sound, Brent Reese, composed the jolly little jingle in the background of which I'm pretty sure I'll be whistling the tune of for the next ten years.

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