New ballet photography from S.K.D. 2012. Photograph of Iria Novoa of Switzerland. Definitely an addition to the dance portfolio. 

Projects with Dancers!

Gearing up for another project photographing dancers! Always a GREAT TIME ! Looking very forward to traveling to Portland and Saratoga Springs, NY and hanging with fantastic groups of talented ladies. Always inspired! 

Cover shoot with David Baldacci

Winton-Stahle Photography has a new cover & feature article out for Boomer Magazine this month with New York Times best selling author, David Baldacci. "Boomer Mag" gets big props from David on his website. Hurray!

What a fantastic time we had working with David Baldacci on this assignment. AND what an inspiring man he is! We had the opportunity to sit in during the interview with him and were mesmerized by the stories he told about this life and his career. Truly a unique life experience and simply 1 of the 100 reasons why the Winton-Stahle team LOVE their jobs SO MUCH!   :)  -   "Chris W-S" 

Image of the Week!

#3 from the "Advertising" portfolio of the brand new website ( ) . This image was made as part of a series for an article for Richmond's "Boomer" Magazine. The article was about friendship between men and had a very fun, whimsical approach to it. We had a great time with this shoot because it really did consist of a bunch of men just hanging out for the day, "crew included" and just acting like a crazy bunch of goofy guys that couldn't take themselves too seriously. Didn't feel like work at all!  

Image of the week

#12 from Christopher's "Personal" portfolio of our brand new website ( . This is the kind of photography / photo-composite work that Chris loves to do for fun in his spare time. "It just feeds the creative soul and makes me smile" , says C_W-S.

Tri-Fold Album Cover for Singer / Song-writer, Eileen Edmonds

IMAGE OF THE WEEK! Pic # 8 on the advertising section of our NEW website at This complex composite was designed for singer / song-writer Eileen Edmonds' new album cover and release promo. The entire image was designed for a three-piece tri-fold cover and was created from a collection of 9 different photographs and a wee bit of CGI help where needed. Special thanks to Eileen Edmonds, to Jeff Glotzl for his CGI work on this image, and to our great team for their fantastic work on this! You guy's are awesome!

Check out some of Eileen's very groovy music at and please don't forget to follow her on Facebook!

"Our Time. Right Now." Advertising Campaign

We're very excited to currently have a veriety of billboards appearing all over Central Virginia as part of Virginia Commonwealth University's, "Our Time. Right Now." advertising campaign. As this project of creating 9 different photo-illustrated ads comes to a close we find ourselves feeling very honored to have been a small part in this historical moment for this Virginia University. We mostly feel honored because the majority of our production team are alumni of VCU and to be a part of this project held a very special place in our hearts. It's been such an amazing opportunity to be a part of this and we congratulate VCU for all of their amazing achievements! Thank you!

Go VCU Rams!

It's Official! A New Brand & Website!

In celebration of the release of our company's new website we'll be showcasing one image each week from our portfolios and saying a little something about it. So here it goes! - "Entertainment Portfolio # 3" - One of many new images we did in 2011 for Boston based hiphop artist Jihad Scudder's new album release and marketing campaign. Scudder and his crew were a blast to work with and, as always, it was fun to collaborate with such a talented artist. *WORDS OF WISDOM - Don't use a fog machine in a studio interior for extended periods of time because it'll leave a funky oily residue on everything! Yuck!

Makes for great photographs though!

Check out our NEW website at for more of our BRAND NEW work.

Coming soon...

There's a brand new look for the Winton-Stahle Website just around the corner! Thanks to excellent consultation and re-branding assistance from Amanda Sosa Stone, the fine folks at Agency Access and Scott Werley, we will be launching a totally new look for our new website this spring! The next step? A national marketing campaign with Agency Access - Campaign Manager Pro. Exciting times for our little company!

Stay Tuned for more!

Come hang with the Winton-Stahle team!

Friends and colleagues of the Winton-Stahle team, come out and PARTY with us at 9WG Studios in RVA on Friday, February 3rd, "just one week away!". Christopher Winton-Stahle's photographic series "China Now", which has recently returned from a 5-year tour with the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, is being given one last Hurrah in Richmond before getting sent off to its next life. Come hang with us, eat some of our food, drink our beverages, listen to music, dance and have fun with us! Doors open at 5pm. It's gonna be fun. See you there!

9WG Studios located at 9 West Grace St. Richmond VA .