NEW! Winton-Stahle Promotional Reel

Finally done with the NEW promotional video for Winton-Stahle Photography and I'm officially putting this project to rest! Many hours of work and the assistance of some great talent has been devoted to helping make this video possible. This new promotional reel has been officially added to the homepage of my website. It will also be included as part of our new promotional materials and trade shows.

A very special "THANK YOU" to the following people for helping to pull this all together.

Executive Producer - Heidi Winton-Stahle
Co-Designer / Editor - Bruce Berryhill
Producer - Jordan Rodericks
Video Provided by - Alex Germanotta
Hair / Make Up - Phillip Krane Bernier
Talent Provided by - Liquid Talent Group
Clothing Designed by - Lili Forrest
1st Assistant - Jenny McQueen
2nd Assistant - Hassan Pitts

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