My Response to the NY Times Article "Shrinking Path of Photography."

This is for photographers out there that have read the New York Times article about the "Shrinking Path" of the photography industry. My feeling and response to this is that, with most things, the cream will float to the top. Yes, everything in the industry of photography is getting much harder but there are more opportunities than ever to diversify and branch out. It's easier than ever to reach out across the world and find clients that fit what you do and/or want to be doing. I never expected this business to be easy by any means when I entered it, but there's nothing that has been "truly great" in my life that has come easily, anyway. I've worked my ass off for everything that I have! Though frustrating at times, I continue to stay very excited about the possibilities and opportunities that arise with new technologies and the evolution of this business. Very few great things in life come easily, but, why would we want them to? By enduring difficult times and pushing forward beyond our comfort zone we excel to new levels and have newly developed appreciations for what's important to us in life.

Another little note that I try to also remind myself of is that even though everyone can now "supposedly" take great pictures they still have no idea of how to run a successful business, plan and produce a high end production, or positively manage the stress that comes along with the pressure of having to perform under the gun. That takes a certain kind of person that will not buckle under the stress. It also takes someone that is educated in business practices, negotiating skills, and IP law. Beyond the idea of just having "good photography" this is where I'm putting my money, personally... Most people want life to be easier than what it requires for a commercial photographer and, in this case, this is where the cream will float to the top. Many will have the opportunity to try but only the very talented, dedicated, and truly determined will rise above the rest.

This is just my two cents on the subject.

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