Following Dreams & Breaking Molds.

I feel grateful today. I am surrounded by incredibly talented people. Together, we are moving towards the same amazing goals of success, happiness, and fulfillment for everyone on our team. My wife and I have put our dream out there, and one by one, people have come who share in that dream. Momentum is building and I feel grateful.

From time to time, encounters with people can leave me jaded. Negativity is easy to find, and I’m certainly not above it. I recognize that tendency in myself and that I must actively focus on what I want to create. So here it goes, what I want to create is beautiful, passionate, epic work with people who also feel this is important. I want to create a family that is healthy, vibrant and invested in life. I want to create a space where talent can learn and thrive among us. I want to give back by paying forward the huge gifts that were given to me by my mentors and friends. I want to shift the paradigm, break the mold and blow up antiquated ideas. That’s what artists do. This is who I am. As Steve Jobs once said, "I want to put a ding in the universe.” I believe that we can.

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