Dushi Toy Company Product Shoot

This was one of several final shots for a cool product shoot for Dushi Toy Company.

Our little setup for the Dushi Toy Company shoot.

Patrick Bozeman (LeadFoot Designs) is tinkering with the product trying to figure out how we want to position it in the composite.

Yup, that's me behind the camera.

LeadFoot Designs and Winton-Stahle Photography created two images to capture the fun and energy of characters from “Dushi Go with Flow” for their creator Anneke Groenendaal. In these images the characters “Dunk” the duck and “Rabbit” the frog are enjoying a beautiful summer day together after a long trip to the states from the Netherlands.”

If you enjoyed this image and would like to see more, please check out our commercial website!

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