Winton-Stahle Photography shoots GWAR's latest album cover "Beyond Hell"

This post is coming a little late however since we just launched our blog around the middle of January then I suppose that it's better late than never. Last June after photographing GWAR for Revolver Magazine we really hit it off with the guys from the band and began to build a business relationship with them. About a month later we were contacted by them to shoot the cover for their new album, "Beyond Hell", which was released in the fall. One of the many things that I love about this job is that I always get to meet such a diverse group of people. For example, the day that we met with GWAR to discuss their new CD album we also had a meeting with an architectural firm to discuss shooting one of their new high rises in South Florida. Heidi and I went to the first meeting dressed in our finest clothes with all of our "T's" crossed and "i" dotted. We all sat around a conference table and discussed the project in more detail, making decisions about the job. Immediately afterwards we went down to GWAR's studio, stopping briefly to change into more casual clothes for this second meeting of the day and we went through the same type of ritual of sitting down around a conference table with our client, GWAR, to discuss the direction of the project. The only difference was at this meeting there were severed corpes heads and little dead babies, FAKE OF COURSE, laying on the conference table.

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